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Maesato Beach 

  • 会員様専用ラウンジ

    Maesato Beach 

    This beach resort is bustling with many tourists, and represents Ishigaki Island.It's an artificial beach installed on the premises of a major hotel, but you can use it for free other than lodging.There are plenty of ocean houses and shops, and you can enjoy hands-on diving, snorkeling, banana boats, and other authentic sea games.The beauty of the beach on Ishigaki Island, as well as Maesato Beach, is not only the cobalt blue ocean, but the length of the swimming season.Maesato Beach can swim from March to the end of October, allowing you to enjoy a tropical resort atmosphere while staying in Japan.

    Ishigaki Ferry Terminal

    • レストラン

      Ishigaki Ferry Terminal

      The scenery of white sand beaches, red brick roofs, and carriages walking on them are now a rare sight in Okinawa.Many of these original landscapes remain in the Yaeyama Islands. To visit these isolated islands, the Ishigaki Ferry Terminal is the gateway.Since regular sea routes run from this ferry terminal to major remote islands such as Taketomi Island, Iriomote Island, and Hatomajima Island, it is an important base for sightseeing in remote islands.Since the hotel Resort inn Ishigakijima is easily accessible by bus or bicycle, there are many customers who stay as a base for sightseeing in remote islands.The terminal has not only a train ticket counters but also many other stores with rich local colors, making it useful for purchasing boxed lunches to serve as an accompanying trip to remote islands and looking for a little unique souvenir.

        Maesato Park
        Ryukyu Glass Workshop
        Fusaki Beach
        Yaima Village

      Hotel Resort Inn Ishigakijima
      〒907-0002  491-2,Maezato,Ishigaki,Okinawa
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